Chaos Moon – Eschaton Mémoire – Album Review

By on March 11, 2018

The “Other” is Taking Hold
Chaos Moon
Album: Eschaton Mémoire
Blood Music Records

Hailing originally from Nashville Tennessee, Black Metal troupe, CHAOS MOON may not be a group familiar to most. However, four full lengths since their inception in 2004 and they’ve the template for the “otherworldly” down packed! Late last year marked the inclusion of “Eschaton Mémoire” into their discography and with cover art provided by Jef Whitehead (of LEVIATHAN fame) the visuals, title and music all combine well to astounding effect.

Leading the charge, opener, “The Pillar, The Fall, and The Key” introduces the listener to ambient keys that ebb and flow nicely and peacefully until an insurgence of fuzz looms greatly on the horizon. As the tension mounts, the linear path quickly diverges to a dissonant maelstrom of disorder. From there, “Eschaton Mémoire” never lets up bending space and time in a discordant web akin to others like LUNAR AURORA and MIDNIGHT ODYSSEY. Cosmic, challenging and breathtaking, tracks such as “Of Wrath and Forbidden Wisdom” and “Eschaton Mémoire I” are lush with slow penetrating keys amidst a fury of drums, walls of guitar and Eric Baker’s echoed vocals. Some may compare the album to a more atmospheric version of LEVIATHAN in that it isn’t immediate nor is it accessible.

Not relying on technicality (perhaps with the exception of Jack Blackburn’s stylistic drumming), CHAOS MOON focus their energy on cerebral theatrics, supposing the listener will engage the album with repeated spins which is exactly what is required here. A series of musical hills and valleys foregoes any notion of predictability and the quick change of pace and tempo makes headbanging along, virtually impossible for a song’s duration. Still, “Eschaton Mémoire” is a rewarding experience for those with a pedigree for complex Black Metal and should be regarded in the same space as those gifted artists who rounded off last year’s Top 10 lists!

Standout Tracks: “The Pillar, The Fall, and The Key”, “Eschaton Mémoire I”


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