Corpus Christii – Delusion – Album Review

By on November 29, 2017
“Saudade – Longing for the Dark One”
Corpus Christii
Album: Delusion
Folter Records

Black Metal has always been a genre of extremes, bending both the notion of how music should be written and sound and over time, bands have pushed back against the “mold” by adding and varying outside elements to make it the much adored music that it is. Through the mind-boggling odes of ARCTURUS, to the experimental leanings of FLEURETY to the darkened abyss of DEATHSPELL OMEGA, Black Metal bands offer much to those with discerning tastes and now Portuguese duo, CORPUS CHRISTII have released their eighth full length, “Delusion” to continue the fray!

Storming out of the gate, “Delusion” hits with a mid-paced crusher in “The Curse within Time” which instantly hears fantastic production values and also an accessibility in some of the rhythms. Of course, it’s dark and brooding but there’s a spirited Black n’ Roll element to it as well. Providing vocals, Nocturnus Horrendus is furious in his delivery but through the anguish is an audible quality wherein the listener can easily discern the lyrics. Potent and effective, his throat sounds very much like Aldrahn (THE DEATHTRIP, ex-DODHEIMSGARD, ex- old man’s child).

Not too content to rest on their laurels, CORPUS CHRISTII, rage on “Chamber Soul” with odd guitar patterns and guitar-provided bleakness/atmosphere before returning to the Black n’ Roll on “Become the Wolf”. Lyrics, “Hail Satan; My Pride; Hail Satan; Stand High” will surely be an anthem for many when performed live while “I See, I Become” sounds like a war-time machine slowly crawling over a battle field with determination (ie. enter heads banging in unison).

With many Black Metal acts playing to a tried and successful formula, it’s when bands like CORPUS CHRISTII veer off the followed path to explore different avenues does the real brilliance of “Delusion” stand out. Both “Seeker of All” and “I am the Night” showcase real poise and buoyancy delving into more latter-day SATYRICON but with DEATHSPELL OMEGA psychedelics!
After eight full-length albums since 2000, CORPUS CHRISTII continues to assault the senses while still remaining fresh and relevant keeping fans satiated with their nuanced art.

Standout Tracks: “Become the Wolf”, “I am the Night”, “Carrier of Black Holes”


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