Engulfed - Engulfed in Obscurity

Engulfed – Engulfed in Obscurity – Album Review

By on June 5, 2018

ENGULFED «Engulfed in Obscurity» 85%

The Turkish Death Metal scene has been on our radar over the last few years with very interesting young new bands fully dedicated to the cause of pure Death Metal.  With acts such as Decaying Purity, Decimation and Carnophage obtaining worldwide recognition within the realms of the underground, things surely are happening over there and the flame seems to be burning bright!  Newcomers Engulfed, who actually include current and ex members of Decaying Purity among their ranks have released their first full length entitled «Engulfed in Obscurity» in 2017, five years after their debut EP «Through the Eternal Damnation» .  What makes this very interesting is that it is very different from Decaying Purity or the few other Turkish bands we have had the pleasure of discovering these past few months and years.  Instead of opting for a Brutal Death Metal approach they focus more on creating a dark and raw atmosphere, and the delivery is extremely convincing, focused and balanced.
What is particularly striking about «Engulfed in Obscurity» is that while the execution is somewhat reminiscent of bands like Incantation and Disma, they have a sound that is closer to old School Swedish Death Metal.  Such a combination is surprisingly not very common and it is a very strong characteristic for Engulfed.  They rely more on ambience and atmosphere than over-the-top technicality.  This is obviously a conscious choice as the guys can clearly play, they simply (and thankfully) do not fall in the same trap as many other bands that tend to move away from the darkness and creepiness by incorporating too many crazy technical hooks or going overboard with extreme brutality.
The guitars and bass come together perfectly, building this massive wall of distortion.  The lead parts are drenched in perfect amounts of reverb, a smart choice which allows them to successfully create a disturbing feel.  The drums are well executed, with a nice balance of blast beats and mid-tempos, along with carefully chosen moments of slower, almost doomy passages.  The very low, guttural vocals work well for the overall approach, adding a dark and menacing aura to the ordeal.  A very strong attribute for the band.  While a track-by-track is not a necessity, we can assure you that the album flows perfectly well.  Sitting through it from beginning to end feels like crawling through filthy and putrid catacombs in the very depths of hell!
The album cover (original oil on canvas by artist Nick Keller) is a superb work of art, depicting a gloomy winged creature rising from ashes and dust.  The choice of colours is very impressive.  This is what attracted me to the album in the first place.  The CD version is available on Poland’s Hellthrasher Records.  There is also a vinyl version (printed at 500 copies) available through Sweden’s Blood Harvest, and even a very limited cassette version through France’s Messe Noire Productions.  So altogether, international forces nicely and effectively coming together to bring this very promising debut full length to the masses!

We strongly recommend that you check these guys out and give the album a chance.  It is a very nice work of old school, sombre Death Metal, with a lot of eerie and sinister atmospheres.  We are already extremely excited about what will come next for Engulfed.  Amazing work, to be put alongside other exciting new bands in the same vein, like Dead Congregation and Phrenelith. Killer!!!!!!



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