Furia – Księżyc milczy luty – Album Review

By on November 14, 2017

Furia – Księżyc milczy luty – 90%


Poland’s Furia was established in Katowice, Poland in 2003, an influential black metal band regarded highly in Poland. Furia is also part of the “Let the World Burn” collective, consisting of multiple bands sharing the same members including such bands as MasseMord.  On November 14, 2016 Furia put out their 5th full length album, Księżyc milczy luty released through Pagan Records. Ironically, I am writing this review on November 14th, one year later to date.

Since I’ve been following this band, it’s been one masterpiece after another and Księżyc milczy luty is no exception. Now Furia is not for everyone, this is not your typical run of the mill black metal.  It is referred by some as Nekrofolk.

Księżyc milczy luty is experimental, psychedelic, unsettling, doom driven, poetic, yet with intelligently written and well controlled classical composition. It takes you places you have never been before – but you don’t need to take anything to do this, just listen and enjoy the ride.  Being a Sleep fan, I cant help being completely drawn in and mesmerized by this album.  Although experimentation takes place the environment is not chaotic, there is purpose to this  journey and we never for a second feel lost, although you may not come back the same.

Za ćmą, w dym” and “Ciało,” the first 2 songs make you realize that this is going to be a way trippy voyage, something you would hope to hear for an experimental film soundtrack. The atmosphere is unsettling as Nihil’s vocals interchange between a deep low register spoken word and pure shrieking madness. What you will know right away is the exceptional bass work by Sars. This album is bass centered and it is an animal of it’s own – something to reckon with.  The psychedelic leads are brain altering, perhaps you will develop some new brain wave activity. However, you will get some traditional black metal riffing here and there, just enough to ground you to earth.

Tam jest tu” has a doom 70’s feel and yet the song is massive –  you feel the blasting explosion in your gut. Comprising of vocal manifestations and yelling – you feel the anger, and it’s fucking real. “Grzej”presents us with a lead bass melody over cold rhythm guitars while the ideas are successful worked over long passages. Guitars are emotional, powerful, epic, we go between fast and slow, there is evolution and progression.  It is as an hypnotic drone and you get comfortable for a few moments just to change to an unsettling schizophrenic voyage, a wild mind of a madman -something that may be hard to come back from.

I don’t want to categorize this album, as it stands on it’s own, a separate dimension of black metal madness. But if there was such a thing as experiential stoner black metal, maybe this is what it would sound like. Regardless, one thing is for sure – when you hear any Furia song, you know it is Furia and this – is extremely hard to do.


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