Summoning – With Doom We Come – Album Review

By on February 20, 2018

Elegantly Epic!
Album: With Doom We Come
Napalm Records

With bands that have had their start twenty (plus) years ago, one would think they’ve maybe lost their lustre or have gently molded themselves into a comfortable state of complacency after so long. Not so with Austrian duo, SUMMONING, who after twenty- three years of full lengths, have crafted yet another stellar gem which simply builds on past elements to full fruition. Beginning 2018 with one of the most anticipated albums since their previous “Old Mornings Dawn” in 2013, “With Doom We Come” capitalizes on what they do best – craft deeply moving and epic feeling odes.

Easing into the fray, “Tar-Calion” kicks off the proceedings with a somewhat menacing lead melody accompanied by a spoken word passage, which is hardly new but with their “layered approach” to song writing, SUMMONING steadily build the drama with stirring horn and flute sounds. Dirge-laden and plodding, the track gives way to “Silvertine” which hears rhythmic tribal percussion before the “razor sharp” guitars buzz their way to the fore. By now, fans have grown accustomed to SUMMONING’s stylistic approach to establishing tension, adding samples of trumpets, wind instruments and placid piano. But now members, Protector and Silenius have gone the extra mile with their use of choir arrangements with the help of Hungarian enchantress, Erika Szucs. Featured more prominently this time, the vocal squall really enhances the aural experience, especially on “Carcharoth” and album closer, “With Doom We Come”.

With all the epic drama clocking in at an hour and five minutes, one may be inclined to believe the album too long, maybe by two songs. However, by fully engaging in the repetitiveness and hypnotic nature of the tracks the time flies by! For diehard SUMMONING devotees, this is standard fare; no big surprises here. Consistent and reliable, “With Doom We Come” picks up where “Old Mornings…” left off but with even greater ambition! Rousing and utterly triumphant!
Standout Tracks: “Silvertine”, “Carcharoth”, “Herumor”, “With Doom We Come”



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